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Commit​tee Charge

Special Committee on Intermodal Transportation and Economic Expansion
The Committee shall study and develop recommendations on intermodal transportation issues and on the relationship between freight transportation and the economy. Of special concern will be the interconnectivity of transportation modes and systems, and interface requirements between airports, highways, ports, railroads, transit systems and waterways important for freight movement and economic expansion.

The Committee shall formulate and carry out a strategy to develop and support the case for the economic value of transportation. It shall arrange dialogues with the business community, foster an information exchange of transportation-economic information among the Member Departments, stimulate further research, review and advise on the economic impact of transportation policies and regulations, assist Member Depart-ments in their analysis of the economic benefits and consequences of transportation​ programs and approaches to maximize the economic value of transportation, coordinate with other public and private associations with similar interests,

The Committee shall address issues that cross boundaries between AASHTO committees and other issues identified by or referred to the Committee and in general promote the full consideration of intermodal and economic concerns in the whole of AASHTO policy deliberations. As appropriate, it shall advise the various modal standing committees of the important intermodal and economic concerns that should be considered in the formulation of modal policies. The Committee shall report periodically to the Board of Directors, and may offer to them such studies and recommendations as it shall deem appropriate. The Committee may also recommend research projects to the Standing Committee on Research to investigate intermodal and economic expansion issues. The Committee shall work actively with the U.S. Department of Transportation and its appropriate modal agencies in the development of a national intermodal agenda acceptable to and consistent with the needs of the member states.

The President of the Association shall appoint a Chairperson and Vice Chairperson for the Committee, with concurrence of the Executive Committee. The Executive Director or his designee shall be the Secretary. The membership of the Committee shall comprise the chairpersons or their designees of the Standing Committees on Aviation, Highways, Public Transportation, Planning, Environment, Research, Rail Transportation, and Water Transportation and the Highway Subcommittee on Highway Transport and the Highway Subcommittee on Advanced Transportation Systems; and, one state member with responsibilities appropriate to the mission of the Committee from each region appointed by the President of the Association.